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Product SS-Create Your Signature Online Course - Black Friday Special

“The global market for e-learning is projected to exceed US$241 billion by 2022, driven by the rapid development of internet infrastructure, increased global connectivity, and technology advances…”


  • Global Industry Analysts, Inc. October 2016



The benefits of online courses are extraordinary, both for your business and for your clients. Online courses have revolutionized learning, and with all the amazing and affordable tools and technology available to us today, there’s never been an easier and better time to create your own online training program.

In this self study program you will learn all the steps to creating your own signature course.   The topics we cover are:

  • The benefits or creating an online course
  • Choosing your course topic
  • Outlining your course design 
  • Creating effective and engaging content
  • Planning and preparing course delivery
  • Running an engaging results focused course 
  • Follow up, improving and next steps for your course

 Along with templates, worksheets and everything you need to get your course created!

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